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We're living through one of the greatest times in US history so much has changed in the last 40 years and so much opportunity is ahead

About this Event

If you're reading this then it's because for some reason you went to school and at some level you're

1) unsatisfied with what you may have learned

2) curious as to what information it is that wasn't taught in school

3) you were hoping that by going to school, that secured you safe job with a steady income to play it safe but yet that may not be the case.

There is nothing wrong if that's the case with you, that is why you're here reading this & hopefully this may be the change you're looking for. Below are 5 topics/classes that can change your life no exaggeration. Read the articles below and register for the webinar that go over these classes in detail.

5 Things that we should've learned in school | They make all the difference in your future.

Before you read what these 5 topics are, understand that these topics make all the difference in the world for your financial success. These topics are common daily understandings for wealthy people who have assets & businesses but yet not talked about a lot on mainstream media just because it's not in their best interest.

If by the end of these 5 topics you are interested in learning more, register for this online event and you'll get an eventbite conformation as well as an email from one of our team members with a link to watch 2 online webinars that go more in depth regarding these 5 topics.



Tax & Legal is by far one of the most underrated topics that is not talked about in school or mainstream media. Taxes is the biggest expense citizens pay in their lifetime yet most people are so uneducated on this topic. How would you feel if you were able to pay 2/3 less taxes? Well many wealthy people pay little to no taxes so why do normal citizens pay so much more? That's because most people don't understand how the tax code works!

Mark Kohler is a leading expert on tax & legal strategies. He's a national speaker, an author of 4 book all on creative tax & legal strategies. He's a radio show host of refresh your wealth podcast, he has his own youtube channel, he's a writter for entrepreneur & has been featured on multiple media channels and has his own firm in multiple states.

Mark trains business owners, lawyers, IRS agents, accountants and CPA's on doctorate level business strategies that help individuals pay less taxes. Mark himself has stated that all the time attorneys & accountants go up to him and say "Mark I love this, we just don't learn this in school"!

Mark's tax & legal class is one of the most powerful courses you'll ever take that will make a significant difference in your life. Some of the popular topics that are in Mark's classes are:

  • How to get out of debt & establish an emergency fund
  • Entity structuring & types of taxes for different types of income
  • Tax structuring strategies and creative tax write offs
  • Optimizing your deductions
  • Putting family on payroll for tax write offs
  • Health care tax planning
  • HSA self directing
  • Real estate retirement planning
  • Creative tax matrix

Mark's content and the topics he goes over are SO POWERFUL and it's a topic so many people aren't aware of. His class alone is more valuable than 99% of university business classes.



Self directing? What is that? Self directing is taking your 401K, 403B, IRA, HSA (Health Savings Account) and using the money in those accounts to invest in any investment allowed by law that you wish. This could be businesses, real estate, e commerce, etc. Instead of buying stocks or mutual funds, your 401K, IRA, HSA can own businesses, real estate, asstes, etc.

Let's say your 401K owns a business or a real estate rental property, the cashflow or rents from that business or rental property come into your 401K & grow tax free. There is so much more to this topic but that's the main picture, and there are so much more creative strategies behind this curtain that allow you to ramp up your retirement fund tax free.

(Facebook's very first investment came from a self-directed Roth 401K from Peter Thiel)

This is another topic that is so unknown to most americans, they just aren't aware that this exists because this is not promoted on mainstream for very obvious reasons. Your stock broker won't let you do this because if you self direct your retirement account, that means you pull money out from their broker & they lose money if you do so it's that simple.

Mat Sorensen is the top leading expert on this topic across the US, his book The Self Direct IRA Handbook is used all across the US among many law firms to look up certain codes or rules.



Without a doubt credit is one of the most important tools in the US... if utilized correctly! There are so many people & families that find themselves in massive credit card debt all because they just don't know how to manage their credit.

Credit is so much more than just a score, it's communication between banks, financial companies, and users. Eric Counts is a leading expert on this field, he's a credit management CEO and a national speaker. He travels across the US at business conferences giving accurate information regarding credit, and giving transparency in the credit world due to the fact that there are many people scamming others through the credit industry. Eric Count's credit management company is so successful that he's not at the point where he offers 100% free credit repair with the help of third party companies.

Eric's credit management class helps you understand the power of credit & how to manage and protect your credit. It's not just your score, it's your financial credibility to help build your financial future.


4) Accelerated Debt Reduction

Most people don't have a clear understanding on how to manage their finances, hence why they fall into massive debt like a mortgage, student loans, car loans or credit card debt. Once their in financial trouble then to go deeper into debt like a foreclosure or bankruptcy just because they didn't know how or have the knowledge on how to manage these.

Most people will live their life without ever knowing how the banking industry works, by the time you finish paying off your 30 year mortgage on your house, you already paid the bank the equivalent of 3 houses just to pay your mortgage you have on your house off. Most people don't know this!

Christian George is title & escrow office, investor & broker. throughout his career he's seen both sides of a transaction, the home buyer side & the bank's side. He's helped thousands of people, investors, small business owners to understand how the banking system works.

If you understand how the banking system works, you'll be able to pay off student loans, credit card dent & auto loans in a third of the time, and a 30 yr mortgage in 5-7 years. This is a topic that should've been taught to us in school!


Before you even make a quick decision about real estate whether you like it or not, you must be objective & understand the power that Real Estate provides. If you combine real estate with tax strategies, that'll bring so much prosperity to your life. The tax benefits that you'll receive just by having real estate in your portfolio will allow you to leverage you retirement accounts.

Owning real estate in some shape of form other than your personal residence allow you to pay less in taxes!

There are so many misconceptions regarding real estate and so many "gurus" that give so much false information hosting seminars. There are creative ways to acquire real estate with little to no money, you just have to know how to do it and Chris Albin has a class that goes over all these strategies. Once you know how it's done, then it's time to move into the next step which is take advantage of the tax benefits & laws in the US that were designed to benefit small business owners. Doing these these will start to move you in the direction on financial independence.

If you found this article interesting in any way or it brought you some level of value, register for this online event & you'll get the link to the webinar that goes over these 5 classes.
Keep in mind, while yes these classes have a cost, they are lifetime access . Meaning they do not have an expiration date and at the same time they are updated every time the tax laws & other important laws/strategies change.
No one else offers that!


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