Astral Travel: Classes from the Modern Mystery School., Heathman Lodge Hotel, Saturday, 04. April 2020

For centuries the 7 Mystery Schools of the world have safeguarded secrets and esoteric knowledge once believed too different to be accepted in the modern world.  These teachings were kept away for an extraordinary amount of time until one day the world was finally ready.  For 20 years one of these schools openned it's doors to the public to teach what was once hidden. The main purpose; aiding individual growth in our incredible journey with God.  These teachings are not bound by religion, but instead focus on the universal principles that bring all together.  Everything here will enhance your practice no matter what disipline you follow or what you believe.  
On the weekend of April 4th 2020 this will be open to you at last!  Come experience one or both days of experiential teachings, and walk away with something practical that you'll be able to use immediatley in your life.  Open yourself up to the possibilities of what may come, and be ready for the change that's just around the corner for you.
This weekend will be broken down into 3 different packages for you.  Choose one of the three depending on what you are ready for.
Package 1 (Attending class only on April 4th)    $275

The 7 Mystery School's Class: This is an introduction to just who are the 7 real mystery schools of the world, what their purposes are, and how they interact with the world.  All but one of these schools are closed to the public and can not be found.  In order to be accepted into their ranks, they find you rather than you find them.  Learn what it's like to be a part of these schools and take away a different powerful ritual from each of them that embodies their traditions and use them to transform your life.
Life Activation: This is a one on one session with a practitioner of this modality.  What is called Life Activation today, is a powerful healing created by King Salomon himself thousands of years ago with the purpose of connecting us with spirit. This is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.  It is designed to awaken parts of yourself that have been dormant your entire life.  Unlocking the hidden potential within you allowing you to wield it.  No one is ever the same after one of these sessions as negative patterns within the mind are broken, communication with the divine strengthend, and known issues from inside our hearts healed.  How you make decisions for yourself after, will not be the same the moment you receive one of these sessions.  
Intro to Astral Traveling: This lays out the major differences between Astral Travel and Astral Projection.  

Package 2 (Attending class only on April 5th)  $275

Sacred Geometry I: In order to safely astral travel one must learn how to wield the three keys of creation in order to construct a vessel that'll allow safe passage.  Sacred Geometry I is the study of the energy behind the "3 Keys of Creation".  It'll not only allow you to create a vessel for you to travel in the Astral, but these three keys will be lit in your aura allowing you to harness this energy in your life.  With it, you'll have an added boost in thought and creativity allowing you to focus on what you want, and mold the world you desire.
Astral Travel Class: Learn how to travel instantly anywhere through out the known universe.  Take yourself on a journey limited only by your imagination and willpower.  Travel through the 7 spiritual dimentions, and communicate with the masters if you so choose.  This is the class  you've been waiting for.  Learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible!  As above so below as within so without.

Package 3 (Attending both classes) $400

This package comes with Life Activation, 7 Mystery Schools Class, Sacred Geometry I Class, and Astral Travel Class.

Early Bird Special for package 3 available till Feb 28 2020 $375
For more information please contact:
Ben Sylvester
Call or Text @ 971-259-3761

Saturday, 04. April 2020, Heathman Lodge Hotel, Astral Travel: Classes from the Modern Mystery School.

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