So you have written a book. The 64,000 question is how many have you sold?  If a traditional publisher picked up your book, did your book sell 1500 copies? If so, that is considered a disaster. If you self-published your book, did you sell what your other self-published compadres sold – – between 100 – 150 copies? While it is nice to write a book for the sake of it, savvy authors know how to generate revenue by selling thousands of books. Studies, however have shown that when an author’s book is picked up by a traditional publisher, the average number of books sold is 1500. And when a book is self-published, between 100-150 books are sold during the life of the book.   Whether you have a soon-to-be released book or your book has been out for several years and you would like to revitalize it, this At Your Own Pace: Market Your Book Program is for you!   Ann Marie Sabath, author of 10 books will show you how she sold more than 250,000 books. You will learn the 36 steps that she follows in the At Your Own Pace: Market Your Book six 15-minute video-casts with worksheet exercises designed specifically for you.  Below are the topics that you will learn so that you too, can become a best-selling author:  Session 1 .Why You Should Treat Your Book Marketing As A Business .Your Book Will Only Sell As Well As The Way You Promote It .The Importance Of Setting Up A Photoshoot .Purchase Domains Related To Your Book Topic That Will Draw Traffic To Your Website .What To Include In Your Book Website .The Power Of Marketing Your Book Through Your Business Card Session 2 .What To Look For In A Social Media Director .Recognizing The Power Of Social Media As Your Best Friend .The Importance of Resonating With Your Readers’ Wants And Needs Blog, Anyone? .How To Write A Blog .The Importance Of Engaging With Your Fan Base Session 3 .Why You Should Hire A Publicist To Help To Promote Your Book .How To Build Your Fan Base .The Importance Of Encouraging Your Readers To Email You .Making YouTube A Viable Marketing Resource .How To Create A Sense Of Connection Urgency Through Contests And Giveaways .How To Create A Podcast Tour Session 4 .The Way To Align Yourself With Other Authors To Create Win-Win Relationships .The Power Of Book Preorders .The Importance Of Organizing A Book Launch Team .The Power Of Your Email Lists .The Four-Step Rule For Scheduling Book Signings .Why Eventbrite Should Become Your Marketing Arm Session 5 .Selling Your Book At Signings Is Essential, However The Relationships You Develop Is Essential To Your Book’s Success .The Secret For Getting Bookstores To Stock Your Book When They Do Not Want To Schedule A Signing .The Importance Of Book Reviews .Networking Is The Name Of The Game .Pay It Forward By Promoting Other Authors .Pitch Story Ideas Related To Your Book Topic Rather Than Your Book Session 6 .Prepare To Be Your Own Book Marketing Juggler .How To Monetize Your Book Writing Enterprise .Create A Workshop Around Your Book Topic .How To Pitch A Guest Post To Promote Your Book .The Power Of BookBub .How To Increase Your Ratings On Amazon Bonus: After you listen to this 90-minute program, Ann Marie welcomes you to schedule one 30-minute complimentary consultation with her to assist you in successfully marketing your book! INVESTMENT: $95 To register for The At Your Own Pace: Market Your Book online course, CLICK HERE. | Contact | Privacy | Terms