Awakening the Cosmic Lotus, The Co-op on 1st, Friday, 01. March 2019

This 7-session workshop series is both unique and transformational.  
Every session is a new experience exploring each chakra petal, mantra, and mudra of the 6+1 chakra energy system. 
You will discover how to open, align and heal your chakras to activate your energy system, nurture your spiritual awakening, and enjoy a vibrant, thriving and full-spectrum life.
This workshop is designed to connect the eastern body and western mind using tantric practice and shamanic tools to alleviate the suffering of the human soul. 
Our direct experience includes engagement with each petal, deity, energetic quality, mantra, and mudra.
Experience multi-dimensional embodiment exercises…. kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and spiritual each allowing for liberation and awakening to your own essence nature.
If you’re like most people, there are imbalances, blockages or behavioral patterns sabotaging your energy, confidence or grounding, which manifest as fatigue, confusion or fear.
And some of it is ancestral baggage.  So it is not yours, to begin with!
This is an opportunity to reclaim multi-dimensional diversity of the human experience.
If you are ready to make lasting changes in your inner and outer life, this workshop is for you.
Facilitated by Sam Silver, Mystery School of Shamanic Arts and Danielle Petersen,  Wild Soul Living.   
Sign-up for the entire course $98 ($14 / class) or as a drop-in ($30).
Our sessions meet every other Sunday from 4-6 pm beginning February 17 - May 12 in Denver, CO. (refer to the complete schedule below)
What will we be doing?
This workshop series is designed so you can own your own journey, connect with the dimension of your own self, connect with both spirit and matter as the cosmic universe that lies within each of us.   
We will combine earth-based spirituality principles connecting somatic body and bioenergy fields.
In ancient tantric lineage, the chakra system is a template for Nyasa, which involves touching various parts of the body while chanting specific portions of a mantra.    
We will be utilizing NYĀSA an ancient tantric ritual (English: placing; literally, "deposit" or "setting down")  and shamanic tools that are both practical and powerful.
Our focus will be on each petal, each mudra, and deity embodiment. (learn more about Nyasa below)
Activating every petal (Nadis) with mudra and mantra to provide a cosmic experience connecting your own universal energies.   No previous experience necessary.
How will we be doing this?
Our approach is a simple and practical yet profound shamanistic principles and eastern tantric practices.
What we believe...If the outer world is to be transformed, the process must begin within.
We believe as you transform yourself, you transform the world.
We will be practicing as individuals, with partner and group; breaking down the chakra system into their unique petals, mantras, and mudras.   
Utilizing the Sanskrit Bija Mantras (representing all of the vibration, seeds of all of creation) we will literally activate each petal within each chakra.
No experience or knowledge of Sanskrit is needed.   
We will use the Bija mantras as the communicator of the divine energy that has a direct influence on your own vibrancy and essence nature within each petal of the chakra template. 
Every sound has movement.  Every movement creates friction.   
Every sound is expressed in a letter within the Sanskrit language.  
Our practice of mudra (hand placement) and mantra (sound) will establish the letters and vibrations into our body; bringing cosmic consciousness to the center of our being.
The mudras apply the sounds to a different location in the body.  
Doing both the mantras and mudras for each petal helps to harmonize all the vibrations in the universe. 
What will you experience?
You will experience an activation to the infinite cosmic universe within your own body, open the Sushumna Nadi freeing the kundalini energy will flow from your perineum to the top of your head.

A comprehensive overview of the chakra system

Discuss and experience awakening the Nadi or the 'petals' within each chakra.

A systematic and practical model to determine imbalance in your own chakras.

Learn breath practice designed to activate these main energy channels of the body.

Learn how to organize our own energetic structures, your own life force energy.

Learn the  SEED-MANTRAS for each petal within the chakra system. 

Learn the various mudras associated with each petal.  

How it works:
The Chakra system is a profound representation of the universe. 
Each chakra center has a petal which contains a Nadis that is beyond any physicality but goes to the seed of itself before form. 
Discover that your physical body is simply a covering of the cosmic infinite universe inside of you, beyond form.
You will be given a practical representation of the layers of human life, the sacred centers of self.

Nervous system (parasympathetic and autonomic nervous system along the vagal nerve).

Spiritual quest via power animals to connect with intuitive knowing.

Transfers culture and society constructs that connect more purely to your own psyche and universal consciousness.

Connection and clearing this energy patrols and opens the inner and outer world so you can more fluently move thru the stages of development in both growing up and showing up.

What is Nyasa?
NYĀSA is an ancient tantric ritual (English: placing; literally, "deposit" or "setting down")   
It involves touching various parts of the body while chanting specific portions of a mantra.   
This imposition of mantras upon the body is considered the assigning or locating of divinity inside one's own body.
Nyasa is the installation of mantras and deities into oneself.
Interestingly, the guided relaxations taught at the end of most yoga classes today called “Yoga Nidra” (yogic sleep), were originally complicated mental Nyasa's.
Before 1960, “Yoga Nidra” did not exist as you see it in classes today.
There was the only Nyasa, and dream yoga techniques known as “Nidra yoga.”
Cakra (Chakra), Mantra, and Mudra:
The term "Chakra" is very trendy these days. 
Most people have a pop-culture understanding of chakras  - which is a euphemistic way of saying no understanding at all. 
The tantric roots of the formation of the Cakra template were to provide a system to do what is called a cosmic puja; Nyasa ritual.
In nyāsa, you visualize a specific mantric syllable in a specific location in a specific chakra in your energy body while silently intoning its sound.
The mystical sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet are distributed across the ‘petals’ of all the chakras in the system.  The chakra system is primarily a template for nyāsa.
Program Basics and Schedule:
We are excited to bring you this workshop.
The information shared is lineage based both in both shamanic practices and tantric text. 
Our unique offering is mind-blowing allowing for a vibrational experience that is life changing. 
No experience with chakras, tantra, or Sanskrit needed.   
Meeting are held every other Sunday for 2 hours covering each of the 7 chakras.   
Register for the entire series for and pay $98 ($14/class) per class or pay drop-in rate of $30. 
Class size is limited. 

February 17 (Chakra #1)

March 1  (Chakra #2) (only Friday class)

March 17 (Chakra #4)

March 31 (Chakra #5)

April 14 (Chakra #5)

April 28 (Chakra #6)

May 12 (Chakra #7)

This is a direct experience not lecture allowing for an embodiment of the tools for the awakening process.

Friday, 01. March 2019, The Co-op on 1st, Awakening the Cosmic Lotus

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