Condition Critical / Game Over/New Masters Of Evil

Condition Critical / Game Over 10PM $6 Advance Condition Critical – Thrash Metal from Monmouth Junction NJ Blowing in on a violent wind that will change the metal scene everywhere and forever are the new masters of old school thrash «Condition Critical». Established in late 2010, and after a few adjustments in their lineup, the four piece thrash band «Condition Critical» was brought to life. «Condition Critical» broke through front lines of the metal scene in northern and southern New Jersey in early 2011 and has never looked back. The band, a four piece fronted by vocalist and guitarist Alonso Maguino with members Ryan Donato on drums, bassist Mike Dreher, and guitarist Tony Barhoum, create a whirlwind of chaos and flowing brutality that can be found nowhere else on earth. With influences like «Slayer», «Demolition Hammer», «Overkill», «Vio-lence», «Testament», «Exodus» and «Kreator». Condition Critical brings all this and more to the table. «A literal war of sound that attacks you with deadly perfection», says New Wave of Thrash Zine posted in Oct. 2011. «They deliver more than expected, and have blown almost every other band out of the water». Condition Critical has played live with some well seasoned artists such as «Obituary», «Morbid Saint». Jungle Rot», «D.R.I.» and «Whiplash» just to name a few. With many shows under their belt they have perfected their on stage presence into a precise, aggressive well organized production that their loyal fans love and new recruits at their shows will never forget, bringing a whole new experience in brutality, chaos and violence along the way. In September 2011 the band released their first self titled 4 song demo to amazing reviews. «The sound is brilliant, production is slamming, and the tracks are devastating!» — , Oct. 2011..— and «This demo draws out their true aggressive potential!»—Falloutzine Sept. 2011— Condition Critical’s 4 song release is complete with aggressive riffs, fierce vocals, powerful drumming and a bass tone you won’t soon forget. The band brings these ingredients together masterfully to create an explosive, memorable demo that will blow you away and rings true to metal fans worldwide. Condition Critical has arrived, prepare yourselves, they take no prisoners. Game Over – Thrash Metal from Ferrara ITALY Game Over is one of the more interesting and youngest newcomer Thrash Metal act in Europe. This impression is confirmed thanks to the positive feedback that the band gained during its short career. Listening to these young guys music proposal, it definitely sounds like Thrash Metal but paying more attention they have got their own style. They are inspired by the big glories of Thrash, Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk of course but maintaining their own personality. The songs are characterized by fast and strong riffs melted with catchy choruses and angry but melodic solos and vocals. This is the Game Over’s Way of Thrash Metal. Combine these “musical elements” with adrenalinic and energetic live performances and you can understand what Game Over really means. Be ready for another dose of Thrash! | Contact | Privacy | Terms