Energy App for Managing Money Karma

ENERGY APPLICATION FOR MANAGING AND ERASING DEBT KARMA Balance mind, body, and spiritual fields in this exclusive program by Licensed Spiritual Health Coach, Louisa Mastromarino, M.S.Ed., certified counselor educator.  Enjoy this 10-minute energy application for erasing money karma by the Spiritual Heirchey and Jesus Christ.  Do you suffer from debt?  Do you have many bills to pay?  Then this 10-minute energy frequency session is for you.  This is a frequency program that downloads the minute you register.  Take 10-minutes to expore a high light energy designed to: Cut chords to debt karma easily or look at energetic root causes to lack of money flow. Dissolve energy vampires or people in our life who drain our pocket book. Open up future opportunites where you can create financial abundance more easily. Clear your energy field and reduce stress as you run this program right before you go to bed.  Stay rested and be at peace when you are in reeivership of this divine energy desiged to rest your financial beliefs.  Disclaimer:Energy medicine is experimental and should not be used to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition.  All participants should use this program with the guidance of a licensed therapist or financial advisor.  No claims are made as to the efficacy of this program.  There are no refunds after purchase.