Lubbock Extreme Real Estate Investing (EREI) – 3 Day Seminar

REGULAR PRICE: $10,000 & ATTENDEE / MEMBER LIMIT = 100! THE PRICE OF THIS EVENT WILL INCREASE DURING THE FINAL 10 MONTHS LEADING UP TO THE EVENT DATE AND THIS WILL BE GIVEN ONLY ONCE TO ANY SIZED AUDIENCE AND FOREVER CLOSE!Those who hurry and purchase their ticket will be the ONLY ones to profit from this exclusive and unique method system – not available anywhere else! Event will be held at an area hotel at or around the airport. You will be updated before the event. This is an exclusive seminar covering proprietary methods and strategies actionable mainly through our EREI program. BONUS******  EVERY ATTENDEE WILL BE INVESTED IN REAL ESTATE AND WILL EARN $4600+ IN 12 MONTHS WITHOUT  INVESTING A SINGLE PENNY! ******BONUS WHAT THIS SEMINAR IS NOT!#1 – IS NOT a sales pitch to any other product or course: this is it and there’s nothing more except for the advertised VIP add-on below which you can ONLY get during your purchase today!#2 – IS NOT your run of the mill REI information which you can already get online FOR FREE HERE: : This is EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE content that will make you 600X more profits than anything you can find online or even pay for at any other $10,000 – $75,000 seminar in the world!#3 – IS NOT one of many yearly seminars held in order to keep recruiting more suckers to get into so-called Real Estate Investing only to have to go out in the field looking for properties for the big wigs and splitting the profits with them while they keep training others to compete with you! LOL!#4 – IS NOT going to ask you to pay for ANYTHING MORE – In fact, you will leave this seminar ALREADY AN INVESTOR earning a minimum of $4,600 / year without spending another DIME! #5 – IS NOT a «lock-in» to a package coaching or mentoring program: Any and all other training or updates are included in your exclusive and private membership. This membership is CLOSED and once this seminar is done, no more members will be added over our maximum per THIS SEMINAR IS!IT IS The «SMARTEST» and «MOST PROFITABLE» Way to Flip Houses, Properties & Land Lots EVER!  REBOOT Your Thinking And Reformat Your Past Experience With This 3 Day reveal! This is NOT your run-of-the-mill Real Estate Investing Seminar / our method:     You don’t need to know how to  «fixer up»     You don’t need to spend money fixing that eats into your profit margin.     You don’t need to worry about cost estimates and formulas before considering a property for flipping.     You don’t need to worry about paying so much in taxes on a small profit amount.     You don’t risk earning profits on outside factors that may impact sales prices in the area.     You can avoid the high costs of rehab and still improve the property profitably.     And you don’t need to be a genius either – our highest earners are farmers in overalls!     We SPILL ALL of the ACTIONABLE BEANS in this seminar – no pitches for any other seminar: THIS IS IT! What will you be able to do?:     Add up through $180,000 or more in value almost instantly to any property.     Secure a steady and highly anxious pool of buyers.     Develop lifetime income from sold properties in this program.     Build up significant profits in a short period of time.     Exclusive «up and coming» markets.     Limited competition.     «Locked-in» Buyers and Renters.     Enjoy up to 50% higher rental incomes not possible with other flipping training programs.     Enjoy BIG profits that far exceed the usual high costs associated with Flipping Houses.     Easily sell property without sharing profit with an agent.     High margins and lowered risk.     Built in scalability – multiple strategies and great expansion opportunities. About The SeminarDesigned to benefit newbies through to the most experienced investors,  attendees are presented with an exclusive and proprietary system which is easy to implement, sustainable and scalable. This method of real estate investing method is by far the most profitable way to build or enhance a real estate investing empire upon. Join a strictly-limited set of real estate investing students who will enjoy limited competition within expansive markets in this seminar which will not be offered again after the initial 36 students have joined our closed network in this area – this is a one time opportunity to join this closed network in your area and once filled, no further open seminars will be offered by me. Join with the Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado who is the mastermind of this seminar and the systems that form its efficacy and profitability.  With this exclusive information and closed system, this seminar promises to go above and beyond any other program you may have heard of or attended and that no one else in your area will learn about (except for the 36 team members in your area). This seminar is absolutely full of profitable value that will increase your family wealth for generations to come!The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado’s «EXTREME REAL ESTATE INVESTING» SEMINAR: Easiest & Fastest Way to Build Your Real Estate Empire!With the innovative EXTREME methods that Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado will disclose to you. You will be able to start with little or no money and quickly build up to over a million dollars in transactions in just two steps!How can a person start small – with little or no money and build your real estate empire? While other gurus will tell you that’ «it takes heart, knowledge, and to be surrounded with the right group of people» all you need is this three day training and your first deal using our exclusive program and in the next step you’ll be looking at making your first million dollars in Real Estate! And during this 3-Day one-time only seminar, I’ll show you how you can do it! You’ll be amazed at how my unique system will help you realize your goals, easily, quickly and with minimal effort!Come join Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado and his exclusive closed group of Extreme Real Estate Investors nation-wide, who will help you at all stages of this business to make your real estate dreams a reality – and grow it to extreme and the highest levels not possible with any other Flipping or Investing program or training at any price!We’ll even show you how to ensure lifelong profits long after you’ve closed out your inventory and retire from this program altogether!Wherever Available: Bus Meeting / Yacht-based Training SessionsIf advertised, your sessions may take place on an Luxury Executive Meeting Coach and/or our Luxury Yacht (port cities) for a more intimate discipleship of the methods and insights exclusive to our business model – provides you the opportunity to get to know The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado and absorb more of the methods and strategies with direct access for quick Q&A and consultation.  Although there is no additional cost for these sessions, they are only available during select dates and specific cities. This is an exceptional opportunity and of the highest value as a learning experience not usually afforded to seminar attendees of other flipping and investing programs charging 5x the price!**Again, the Bus Meeting and / or Yacht based Training sessions are only available for select events/dates.The Seminar ScheduleThree days packed full of learning!DAY 1Friday,6:00pm – 11:00pm  • What Makes My Method Extreme?  • Difference between Traditional Flipping & Extreme Flipping  • Difference Between Traditional Investing & Extreme Investing  • How to Build a Multi-million Dollar Portfolio Quickly  • Which Approach to Take: Making a Deal vs. Est. a Business  • Strategies for Lack of Money and Credit  • Adopt a Partnering Stance instead of that of a Borrower.  • Finding Properties  • Having Control of the Deal  • Selling Inventory  • Application of Risk Vs. Return on Wholesales, Flips, & Cashflow    (investing) Properties  • How to manage EREI deals for Wholesales vs. Flips vs. Cashflow    Properties  • Extreme Wealth Formula Intro  • ARV (After Rehab Value) vs AVAV (After Value-Add Value).  • ARV + AVAV Combo Method11:00pm – 1:00amVIP Session #1DAY 2Saturday,9:00am – 12:00 noonUnderstanding The #’s  • Understanding Flip Spreads  • Our Hot Markets  • How our Markets ExpandLUNCH / VIP LUNCH w/Speaker TBA1:30pm – 5:30pm  • Absorption Rates & Do They Matter In EREI  • Optimizing The Best Deals For EREI  • How EREI Avoids Typical Flipping & Investment Worries  • Every Market Optimizer6:00pmDINNER /  VIP DINNER w/Speaker TBA7:30pm – 11:00pmVIP SessionDAY 3Sunday,9:00am – 12:00 noonExtreme Wealth Process & Blueprint  • EREI Cash Flow (Investor) Wealth Strategy  • EREI Lease Option Method  • Money Wealth Buildup Strategy  • EREI AVAV Systems  • Next Level Investing  • Building and Managing a Massive Portfolio  • How To Retire With EREI  • EREI Credit Union  • How to Get Private Partners  • Final Details & RecapDISMISSALABOUT VIP SESSIONS AND ACCESS:We have reserved the most extreme strategies for VIP access only. They involve commercial value-adds which are not for the sensitive or fearful. Apply for VIP Access ONLY if you desire a «No Holds Barred» addition to your strategy base and if you are willing and able to engage high ticket property acquisitions. The two extremes described in the previous sentence represent only two strategies at opposite ends of the extreme spectrum. Also, any new strategies and programs will also be addressed here before being released to our general membership in future presentations or news releases (you get the news first hand and get to implement it before anyone else does).These startegies require a separate licensing and authorization granted only to VIP Access Members.VIP ACCESS PRICE: $3,995  Pay directly to Access Includes:    • VIP Only Sessions – Friday and Saturday – Late Night!    • Exclusive VIP ONLY Training & High Profit Strategies        • Special Networking Sessions    • License to Utilize VIP ONLY Strategies    • VIP Hot Lunch & Dinner – All 3 Days FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?YES – 18 with Driver’s LicenseWhat can I bring into the event?NO RECORDING DEVICES OF ANY KIND!You can bring a Pen & Pad! How can I contact the organizer with any questions?skype: the refund policy?Since we utilize all or part of your fee toward formation and facilities related to the delivery of this seminar and you should be interested in making more money than ever before possible with Real Estate Investing or Flipping, and that is exactly what we’ll be showing you, there is NO REFUND! If for any reason you could not attend the session or any part thereof, we will grant you a recorded version via online webinar portal access at a later date. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?YES – without the ticket you will not be allowed into the sessions. Can I update my registration information?YES Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?NO. Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?NO.