March for Science NYC, New York, Saturday, 22. April 2017

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March for Science NYC is a New York based nonprofit that is focused on building bridges between New York's Scientific and nonscientific communities. We are marching to show support for publicly funded science and scientists. Here, we believe that when you love something as much as we love science, you celebrate it! We are honored to be hosting this march event for our entire community.

In true celebratory fashion, we want our march to feel more like a parade in which you – the amazing and diverse residents of our community – will be showcased as marching science advocates! We invite groups - anyone from official organizations, and school clubs to scout troops, dance squads, book clubs, and sports teams - to register as Marching Science Advocates and march proudly with your own banner telling the world that YOU LOVE & SUPPORT SCIENCE!

We will be continually updating our website and social media with specific times, locations, and details on all the fun as we get closer to the event date. Please register as an individual or group to receive the most up to date information from us via email.


Thanks to our amazing community for patiently waiting as we have worked to create a safe, comfortable, and fun march for all science enthusiasts!!


Thanks to our amazing community for patiently waiting as we have worked to create a safe, comfortable, and fun march for all science enthusiasts!!

In the name of Science, here we go:
Our march will kick off with a rally on Central Park West at 62nd St at 10:30 am. The rally is expected to last one hour. Once the rally is over, it will be time for all New Yorkers to proudly march together showing their love and support for science!

March Route 🗺
Please see the map. Our route will encompass Central Park West from 71st St, proceed to Broadway via Columbus Circle, and finish at 52nd St & Broadway. We have been working closely with NYPD to choose a route length that will allow everyone to have enough space, based on how many registered marchers we have. If you haven’t registered, please do so here ( so we will be able to expand our route if needed, before April 22.

Entry & Exit Points 📍
All marchers will need to enter Central Park West from the west side. You will not be able to enter from Central Park. Once you are on CPW, if you would like to leave the march and go into Central Park, you will be able to. You just aren’t able to (re)enter coming from the park.
Not all side streets will give marchers access to Central Park West, so please enter from Columbus Ave or Broadway via 61st (this entrance is specifically for those with special needs), 64th, 68th, and 71st streets. As our crowds grow in size, the NYPD will begin to close off southern entrances, beginning with 61st St, and will continue to close them moving north as needed. We will have volunteers out on Broadway to help you know where to go.
If you attend the rally, you will march from where you view the rally. If you arrive later, you will march from 64th, 68th, or 71st streets, depending on which entrance is open when you arrive.

Transportation 🚊
NYC is known for its many great mass transit options. We encourage all our marchers to think green and take public transit to the march. You will not only be helping the Earth, but it will prevent frustrating car traffic backups.
We are unable to provide dedicated chartered bus parking; please advise your bus driver to drop off on Broadway near one of the entrance cross streets. Don’t forget to arrange a place to be picked up afterwards!

Accessibility at the Rally ♿️
For our Science Enthusiasts who may require special assistance to attend the rally we have been able to arrange some accommodations. There will be an ASL interpreter on the stage who will sign for the hearing impaired. Marchers who have physical disabilities may enter the rally through 61st and Broadway. We soon will have a map to illustrating all the nearby accessible subway stations. If you have any further concerns, please email us

Speakers 👩🏾‍🔬
Our rally will feature a diverse group of speakers, including Diane Nathaniel, a stage three cancer survivor, and Debbie Lee Cohen, Executive Director of Cafeteria Culture, who led a multi-state effort to reduce plastic waste in landfills and the sea by ridding schools of Styrofoam products. Through their panel choices, the march aims to example how ordinary New Yorkers can achieve or benefit extraordinarily through science!

Tips & NYPD regulations for a safe and fun march day.

Signs, Banners, Props, & Balloons 🎈
If you have been working hard expressing your love for science with a sign or banner, please note that for safety reasons, NYPD won't permit signs affixed to wooden sticks or metal poles, i.e. anything that is hard. You will be able to use materials like pieces of cardboard, cardboard tubes, string - just not anything that is hard or could be used as a weapon.

We also want to let you know that it is against city regulations to tape your signs to any kind of public property, such as trees, light posts or police barricades. Or putting markings on sidewalks - permanent or not - is considered graffiti by the city. In other words, it is important to note that even using sidewalk chalk is against city regulations.

Remember this event is taking place on Earth Day and as science enthusiasts let's try to use recyclable material for posters - and please don't leave them scattered on the streets or in subway stations.

Balloons will not be allowed at the event.

Dress for the weather 👕
Spring is here which means blossoming flowers and sometimes unpredictable weather. Make sure you check the weather reports and are dressed appropriately.

Keep sun protection in mind and bring your sun block, sunglasses, hat, and any other sun protection you may want.

If the forecast calls for rain, grab your poncho and leave the umbrella at home. Umbrellas will not be allowed at the march.

Wear comfortable shoes, celebrating your way down Central Park West and Broadway will be a lot of work!

Pack light; we recommend traveling with a small bag. Backpacks and larger bags are discouraged. Please also keep in mind that all bags are subject to search by NYPD for marchers participating in the event.

We've heard some really creative costume ideas and we can't wait to see them at the march! Just keep in mind that you will not be allowed to wear a mask or have any prop that looks like a weapon.

Food and drinks 🍏
We won't be selling any food or drinks at the march but the Upper West Side is full of great places to grab a ****. We encourage marchers to pack a snack and water, preferably in a reusable bottle. Need a coffee fix? Think green: bring your reusable mug and skip the disposable coffee cups. We are asking all our marchers to bring a small bag with them to keep their own trash in and take it with you. We have an amazing group of volunteers who will be working tirelessly after the march is over to be sure that we are leaving our city clean and beautiful and appreciate your help in doing your part.

Alcohol is prohibited at the event.

Photography & Videography 📷
Everyone is allowed to use their own phones and cameras to capture the march activities happening in public space.

Pets 🐶
We think it’s great that Fido wants to come out and show his support for science, but this may not be the best environment for pets. This event will draw a large crowd, which will include small children. How about featuring your well-dressed science pet on your sign instead? Of course, service animals are welcome to come out to both show and be support.

Bicycles 🚲
Due to the large number of people expected to come out in the name of science, it will be best to leave your bicycle at home or locked outside of the event area. To best ensure the safety of all marchers, let’s stick with strollers and wheelchairs being the only wheeled transporter on the route.

Central Park 🌲
There is nothing better than a beautiful day in Central Park. Marchers will be allowed to exit the route and go into Central Park, but you will not be allowed to (re)enter the march through Central Park.

Keep it Green 🌎
It is Earth Day weekend after all! Please pack light: bring a reusable water bottle/thermos, carry your trash out with you, and have a plan for your signs after the march (once you’ve sent us your photos of course!) Some attendees have suggested a sign swap, which is a great way to share your support!

Restrooms 🚽
Costs for the portable toilets, additional permitting, and additional insurance were really more than we could have covered at this time. We are working towards the day when our events can be at the scale and budget where we can give our guests more! There are restrooms available in Central Park, at the businesses along the route, both have been very gracious to our cause. We kindly ask you to support a business if you use the bathroom there. Thanks for your understanding, we are looking forward to celebrating science with you all!

Thanks again to all our supporters-we look forward to celebrating science with you!!!

Want to volunteer? Fill out our form and we'll be in touch!

Saturday, 22. April 2017, New York, March for Science NYC

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