Master Match, Tinder & OKCupid – Dating Profile Review

If you’re like most singles these days, you’ve uploaded and then disabled, deleted, or uninstalled every dating app available only to return to them a few weeks later. We go back not just because we’ve become addicted to the immediacy of online dating, but because there’s this little voice inside of us that says, «Maybe this time it will be different. Maybe this time I’ll meet someone.» As frustrated and deflated as we get, we still hold out that hope. Why? Because we want to believe in fate and kismet and all those sappy things we’ve seen in movies and on TV. If we’re ever going to find that one person that gets us, we have to believe. For five years, I wrote and reviewed dating profiles for men and women of all ages all across the US, Canada, and Europe. I’ve also been writing a dating advice column for ten years. Those two valuable criteria aside, the biggest asset I bring to this teleclass is that I’ve used all of the apps and sites that you have used. I’ve swiped, clicked, blocked and deleted with the best of them. And yet I still go back, because I know in my gut if I build it [a profile], he will come. This 45 minute teleclass will cover both traditional online dating (OKCupid and Match) and the apps (Tinder and Bumble.) Please note that I do not review profiles for Eharmony and Plenty of Fish because I do not have much experience using them. The agenda: 1. Review of your profile(s) Tinder/Bumble bios – what to include? what to leave out? OKCupid/Match profiles – what to say in your about me summary Review of Basic Details used in search filters Photo selection aka will you stop with the pictures of you in the front seat of your car already? 2. Red Flags Key buzzwords and phrases that hint at possible drama down the road. Signs the profile is fake or the user is a scammer Signs they’re not taking the process seriously or will fade. 3. Intro message basics Should I message first? (Hint: Probably not. I’ll tell you why in the class.) The one thing you NEVER say in your initial message to someone How long do I message before setting up a date? What are signs they’re a flake? Things not to say aka how not to be a creep. How to deal with inappropriate messages How this will work: After you register, I will email you to a) set up a time to talk via teleconference line included in your confirmation email and b)ask for either the link to your dating profile or screen shots of your dating app profile. You’ll then email them to me so I can take a look. This will be a group discussion of no more than 10 people. When you register, there will be a phone number in your order confirmation. You’ll call that number the night of the class. All registrations are final unless a class is cancelled. If you can not make a scheduled class, please email me and we can reschedule you for the next one. Available times for sessions: Monday and Wednesday 3pm to 8pm Saturdays 10am to 1pm Sunday 10am to 1pm Read my columns here Learn more about me here  and here   Important: All registrations are final. If you contact me at least 24hrs in advance, we can reschedule. If you miss or forget a booking no refunds will be provided. | Contact | Privacy | Terms