Newark Extreme Car Flip Business – 4 Evening Crash Course

REGULAR PRICE: $10,000 & ATTENDEE / MEMBER LIMIT = 20! THE PRICE OF THIS EVENT WILL INCREASE DURING THE FINAL 10 MONTHS LEADING UP TO THE EVENT DATE AND THIS LIVE EVENT WILL BE GIVEN ONLY ONCE TO ANY SIZED AUDIENCE AND FOREVER CLOSE! Those who hurry and purchase their ticket will be the ONLY ones to profit from this exclusive and unique method system – not available anywhere else! Event will be held at an area hotel at or around the airport. You will be updated before the event. This is an exclusive 4 evening seminar (4 hours nightly from 6PM – 10PM) covering proprietary methods and strategies actionable mainly through our Car Flipping Network and our other associated networks. BONUS****** EVERY ATTENDEE WILL RECEIVE A FREE MEMBERSHIP INTO OUR LOCAL REAL ESTATE INVESTING CLUB AND BECOME ELIGIBLE TO EARN $4600+ EVERY 12 MONTHS WITHOUT INVESTING A SINGLE PENNY! ******BONUS MORE DETAILS:There are many courses and information about car flipping available online that you can learn how to flip cars with and many of them are free or dirt cheap – BUT….. «The Most Profitable Car Flipping Method» is nothing like any of them! Presented in eight informational sessions (two each night) including: mentoring and in-person «take you by the hand» to get you started and continual informational online webinars after the seminar and throughout your car flipping empire building! This is an exclusive method limited to the sole 20 smart decision makers who will take this training in your city. This 4 Day (Evenings – but if you can’t make one evening, we can do a daytime session to accommodate you – just let us know) Seminar and continued online webinars will help you learn about our exclusive program and will certify you as an authorized member of our Car Flipping Network of high earning winners and making available to you our high power TV Channels and marketing strategies that will turn you into the top selling car flipper in the history of your city in the shortest amount of time! No one can even come close to the number of vehicles you will sell or the amount of profits you will be bringing in month after month! You don’t need to have experience as a car salesman, mechanic or body man, but we do encourage you to do this if you are! (Hint!) The best part is that with our program, people will be knocking down your door to get one of your cars or vehicles, because no one else is able to offer them what you will be offering through our program. Flipping cars will be super easy and that’s really just the beginning! During this seminar series, you will learn about other types of flips that will make you even more money quickly. You will be able to make money month after month and year after year! And we’ll show you a couple of widely used methods that will enable you to flip as many cars as you like without worrying about legal limitations at all! This program is best for the professional car flipper who wants to increase take-away profits per car by 10X+ on average than you would regularly be able to get and for the newcomer who doesn’t know anything about car flipping – you’ve stumbled upon the best and most profitable method to help you get started with maximum profits and results! What You’ll Learn: How to choose which cars will make you the best profits! Which auto repair services to use to save the most money on repairs! How to have a ready list of anxious buyers that will pick up each car as soon as its ready! How you can earn a minimum of $60,000 – $180,000 per year in your spare time with little effort! How to build a virtual car flipping empire without traditional spending on advertising or doing any leg work – easy as pie! How to easily scale up and create lifetime income streams from your car flipping – you can realistically retire in 12 months with our exclusive method! What You’ll Receive:Full details, notes and training materials. 1 year Car Flipping Network membership with full benefits. VIP Access to Car Repair / Body Work Resources – future in-house shop being developed! Certificate authorizing you as one of our Affiliates! Car Locator Newsletter – get current listings of available profit qualified cars. Insider secrets that make your car flips the most profitable in the industry! The Training Program:Day 1:1st Session, 6pm – 8pm: Program Overview & Orientation / Flipping Process & Seminar Q&A.2nd Session, 8pm – 10pm: Starting Your Car Flipping Business. Day 2:3rd Session, 6pm – 8pm: Blueprints to Success in Car Flipping.4th Session, 8pm – 10pm: Action Taking Session – Making Your First Car Acquisition Deal. Day 3:5th Session, 6pm – 8pm: Fixing & Flip Prep / Positioning For Buyers.6th Session, 8pm – 10pm: Assuring Continued Buyer Inquiries and Inventory Production Line Workflow. Day 4:7th Session, 6pm – 8pm: Leveraging Your Profits For Lifetime Income Creation.8th Session, 8pm – 10pm: Expanding Your Empire & Profits / Q&A and Graduation! Are you ready to make BIG MONEY with this EXCLUSIVE & UNIQUE network? Why is this course / program so **** expensive? Because no one else can make the high profits like we are and that we’re showing you how to make – all made possible through our unique, proprietary and exclusive business model and network. Simply, you will not find any other training like this anywhere on the planet and we’re the only ones with whom you could possibly make all these profits (with just a few cars and in a short amount of time). But you need not worry about your initial investment in this education, network access and membership because you will absolutely make it back 10X over when you complete your first deal (most students do this even before the 8th and final session!) Also, we’re showing you how to take the money you make (within your first month or so) and create with it, a lifetime income you could practically retire on! Still yet another reason is that, as part of our network, you’ll have access to expanded sales from other cities with anxious buyers and no ready inventory! You’re not just paying for a seminar mini-course but for the association with a network that will help you with all the steps you need to take to do this business, grow it big and establish wealth for yourself and your family! With this information and our network, you will flip more cars quicker, make tens of thousands of more dollars per month more than the other flippers in town and retire way before any other flipper, car salesman or car dealer could ever think possible! And you’ll know it for sure after just your first session!   FAQs   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? 18+   What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? You must make your own arrangements. Usually there is parking available at the venues, but you should do your own research before the date of the event.   What can I bring into the event? You can bring a laptop to facilitate synchronous viewing of resources and links discussed during the sessions. We will also do some walk throughs during the sessions and account set-ups / registrations – so bring a web browser enabled : Absolutely NO RECORDING may be taken of any session or portion thereof and any notes you take must be kept confidential due to copyright restrictions. By attending this event you agree to a non-compete clause and a non-disclosure agreement (copies handed out at the event).   How can I contact the organizer with any questions? skype: : 407-997-3850email: revrosado@: : arithmetaiu   What’s the refund policy? Once the seminar ticket sales end date arrives (usually 7-10 days before the event) there is no refund possible.   Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? YES   Can I update my registration information? YES   Is my registration fee or ticket transferable? Yes. If for any reason you cannot attend any session(s), simply call me or email me with your next available dates (provide more than one) and I will set up your online continuing series of class sessions from there.   Is it okay if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends? NO – you must be the person who purchased the ticket.   If you need different or closer dates and scheduling: Don’t order through this page – rather send your payment to We will email you asking for your preferred date ranges for the online webinar version. TAMBIEN EN ESPAÑOL POR INTERNET! Comuniqase *** nosotros skype: : 407-997-3850correo electronico: | Contact | Privacy | Terms