"Rugged Strength Through Torque" Club Strength Workshop, True Motion Human Performance, Saturday, 31. August 2019

Club Strength
 The use of this ancient and redesigned tool will empower the ability to produce strength in angle ad degrees that could not be reached by using conventional machine and tools 
It unique pulling action and leverage create an incredible torque production on the subject. Torque is the most powerful and misunderstood concept of force in the training and lifting field. Strength through the rotation. The Club also can produce speed, explosive, agile, endurance, centripetal, maximal and relative strength. All this will lead to a more complex understanding of the use of force and thanks to the unique pulling it will not load directly the joint and tissues but it will improve separation trough joint allow a correct moving and synovial fluid production. It will also lay the connective tissues so elasticity will improve and a better good structure will be gained out of work. 
The club is a deceptively simple looking tool! The ranges, angles, neurology and
physics it brings into play are extremely versatile.
The Evolution of the Human Hand
In a 2003 study, researchers characterized the average primate
hand as having a small thumb with long, curved fingers (Midlo,
1934 this seems to be a different reference to 2003?). In
contrast, the human hand has a much larger, more powerful,
mobile, and fully opposable thumb with shorter, straighter
fingers. Our striking exception to the primate pattern clearly
suggests an evolutionary advantage.
It is generally accepted that during human evolution, the hand’s
anatomical reconstruction was somehow linked with tool
behavior. This is consistent with the evidence of bipedal gait, an
early hominid behavior that ‘freed the hands’ for greater tool use.
But what kind of tools? Unlike other primates, the human hand seems specifically
adapted for two types of grip; precision (think of holding a stone to throw, or a pen to
write) and power (gripping a club, kettlebell, spear, racquet, etc.)
Some have concluded that the ability to make and use hand-held weapons which
were hurled or swung as bludgeons at adversaries, bestowed advantages that
promoted reproductive success. Humans were both hunters and prey animals. The
evidence suggests that tools increased our ability to hunt, as well as to effectively
combat both animal predators and other hominids.
“The throwing and clubbing motion that begins in the legs progresses through the hips,
torso, and arms, and ultimately impacts accumulated kinetic energy to the hand or
hands holding the weapon.” (Young 2003).
The resulting selection for improved throwing and
clubbing ability, over millions of years, led to numerous
anatomical changes throughout the body, including
those that characterize the evolution of the human
hand. Success through tool use has shaped who we
are today.
“Generation after generation, natural selection would
have enhanced the anatomical basis of throwing and
clubbing prowess.” Richard W. Young
The Club is also very transportable and can be integrated with the use of conventional tools or machine in order to support and compensate any linking of force
Club Strenght workshop
Will be lead by Alberto Gallazzi world director of the Educational Lab 0-13 and his USA teammate Gwint Fish
Morning session:
Grinds - Cast and press series 
Afternoon session:
Ballistics and Hybrid 
We will cover basic to advanced technical skills, with single & double Clubs.


Saturday, 31. August 2019, True Motion Human Performance, "Rugged Strength Through Torque" Club Strength Workshop

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