Salsa Rueda De Casino Workshops

Come to learn Cuban Casino style Salsa as it is danced in Miami by Vanessa Baldwin! Learn 35 new combinations in one afternoon! All combinations can be used with one partner or dancing as a Rueda. 12p-12:50p: Rueda De Casino Beginner 1: Learn the basics of Casino Cuban style Salsa & the following moves: Para el medio, Para abajo, Exhibela, Dile que no, Guapea & Dame una. 1p-1:50p: Rueda De Casino Beginner 2: Continue the basics & the following moves: Enchufe, Enchufe doble, Adios, Adios *** la hermana, Vacila, Vacila y dame una & Siete. 2p-2:50p: Rueda De Casino Intermediate 1: Learn the following moves: El dos, Adios arriba, Enchufa, arriba, Sombrero, Abanico & Balsero. **-3:50p: Rueda De Casino Intermediate 2: Build on the intermediate 1 class and learn the following combinations: Dedo, Dedo guarapo y bota, Abrazala, Montana, Setenta & Siete *** coca cola. 4p-4:50p: Rueda De Casino Advanced: If you are an experience Rueda dancer, come to learn these moves: Besito, Doble sombrero, Siete moderno, Ponle sabor, Dedo saboreado & Bebe. We recommend your timing and your basics are excellent before taking Rueda workshops. Succesfull completion of Beginners 1 & 2 workshops allows you to register for Salsa C: Rueda De Casino B at Latin Street. Pricing: $20 for 1 workshops. $35 for 2 workshops $45 for 3 workshops $50 for 4 workshops $53 for all 5 workshops. No Partner necessary. Limited space available. To register call 312.427.2572 or click on the tickets link above. Vanessa Baldwin: During her college years, Vanessa became a Zumba and a Swing dancing instructor. She taught at the University of Missouri and at local gyms. In 2006 Vanessa moved to Miami which is where her passion and addiction for Latin dances started. She started to take salsa lessons at Karibe Dance Studios, where after a quick test she was put into the advanced classes. After one month of group lessons she was invited to join the performing team, and after a few months of training she performed in the Orlando Salsa Congress, Tampa International Salsa and Bachata Congress, and Miami Salsa Congress. Shortly after, she started teaching salsa at Karibe; where she taught the children’s salsa classes as well as the ***** classes. In January of 2013; Rene Gueits (owner/producer of the Miami Salsa Congress) presented Vanessa with the opportunity to teach at Salsa Lovers, the biggest salsa studio in Miami. Salsa Lovers specializes in Cuban Casino Rueda style salsa, a style in which Vanessa had not been trained before, but she was up to the challenge! Rene trained Vanessa himself and after a few training sessions she became a Casino Rueda instructor. She started with group lessons and shortly after also gave one on one private lessons. In addition to Salsa, Vanessa also enjoys dancing Bachata, Chachacha, and Swing. Now in Chicago, Vanessa joins the staff of instructors at Latin Street Dancing to teach kids, teen & adults the great art & passion of Latin dancing. | Contact | Privacy | Terms