Self-Leadership Certification | Coaching Genius, 1310 Gallery, Friday, 08. November 2019

Self Leadership/Accessing Personal Genius (APG) is a highly interactive & life changing program to bring out your personal brilliance utilizing experiential and accelerated learning.
When most people think of ‘genius’ they think of an Einstein, Da Vinci or a Mozart, but the truth is that no one is born a full-fledged genius. Genius emerges from a set of learnable skills and in fact it is quite easy to develop if you know what you are doing.
Throughout this 3-day program you will develop the sub-skills and experiences that culminate in the experience of a self empowered, laser focused, & innately pleasurable state of ‘being in the zone’ where nothing can distract you, you are performing at your highest potential and where you are open to creative solutions and accelerated learning.

"This is the most important program you can take. This is controlling your mind and training yourself to become the person you want to be."
Alan Kopetman

Genius is Learnable
Everyone can learn to access genius states and the ability to have a single-minded focus has performance benefits that apply across many applications.
The ability to intently focus on a single task at hand without allowing for distractions has benefits for leadership, business, training, coaching, creativity, public speaking, physical fitness, accelerated learning & so much more.
By the end of this training you will have richly developed one ‘genius flow state’ (in the area of your choice) that you can step in and out of at will and use as a template to develop more flow states. Creating flow states will drastically increase your productivity, your level of satisfaction in life, and your effectiveness across all areas of your life.

"I find that learning with Jason does not only enhance my personal life, but also my professional life as a coach. When learning with Jason, time does not exist, not only because the material is so interesting, but because of how Jason teaches. Pure entertainment!"
Estee Levinson, Personal Enrichment Coaching

The Components of Genius
Beyond developing a personal ‘genius state’ of your own, each component of APG is valuable as stand alone skills that you can utilize in your daily experiences & interactions.

Developing personal power
Changing limiting beliefs
Developing unconditional self-esteem
Generating pleasure
Focusing your intentionality
Removing the excuses that hold you back
Integrating internal conflicts
and so much more.

The 14 Foundational Neuro-Semantic (mind-body) processes that you practice and experience within this program will give you conscious control over the key developmental powers that all humans learn as they grow from children into healthy adults.
Beyond that, these processes are designed to be easy for you to ‘apply to yourself’ (which is highly encouraged for increased levels of personal power and congruency).
These 14 processes are the ones that I use on almost a daily basis with myself and my clients. They get to the root of what it means to develop as a human being, to embody personal power, and to be an authentic leader.
Can a Workshop Help You to Succeed?
Yes! NLP is itself a model for succeeding in whatever you do. At their heart NLP & Neuro-Semantics are highly experiential, so merely reading about it will not equip you to become truly masterful. For that reason, this 3-day training focuses on giving hands-on practice with the processes, techniques, and strategies...
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What's Inside:

Day 1 | Morning | Welcome to the Matrix of Your Mind
Learn how to use a cutting-edge model for accessing, exploring, and altering the thoughts in the back of your mind. Learn the process to fully take advantage of your inner resourcefulness as well as a process for bringing more focus & intentionality into your life and with others.

Day 1 | Evening | Leveraging the Invisible

Here we will dig even deeper into human consciousness with a questioning model to explore and expose the hidden layers of unconscious thoughts that drive behavior - and to invite others to become aware of these structures for checking their quality and altering them. Learn processes to move from blaming and victimhood to pure responsibility, to develop unconditional self esteem, to quickly change limiting beliefs and much more.

Day 2 | Morning | Clearing the Path

Remove any blockages that hold you back from entering into a state of flow. Learn a process to add pleasure to things which you want to enjoy more and de-pleasure those things which you have given too much power. Here you will also learn a powerful process to resolve self-attack in yourself and others.

Day 2 | Evening | Embodying Your Highest and Best
Now that we've cleared the path - learn the key process that I use to take action - particularly on the things that you need to do but you don't feel naturally motivated toward, to transform the energy of unresourcesful states, and much more.

Day 3 | Morning | Creating and Texturing Your Genius State

Having set up all of the prerequisites for personal genius you will now be prepared to create & fine tune your genius/flow state. Learn patterns for opening a space for new possibilities, resolve inner conflict, and much more for yourself and those whom you communicate with.

Day 3 | Evening | Tying it all Together with Congruency and Integrity

Last but not least we will tie together all of the work you have accomplished with processes to blow out any excuses holding you back, resolving any internal conflicts, and bringing you into full congruence and alignment as you move out into the world with a newfound resourcefulness, confidence, and conviction.

While having no strict per-requisites, this course is part 1 of NLP Master Practitioner Certification.
This Seminar also serves as Module 2 in getting certified as a professional coach under the MCF.
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"I would explain this course as a HUGE eye opener. It offers the tools that you will need to grow in all aspects of your life. NLP is truly formatted for an easy learning flow. Overall the program was very impactful and I am going to live by the saying, 'Whoever sets the frame runs the game'."
Emily Garcia, Social Worker

About Your Facilitator:
As an internationally recognized Neuro-Semantic NLP Trainer Jason Schneider has assisted in certifying hundreds of NLP Practitioners and Life Coaches around the world including top-end sports coaches, professional athletes, CEOs, judges, law enforcement agents, psychologists, parents, teenagers, and individuals from all walks of life to improve their communication skills and become better people.
He teaches NLP in a way that is fun, easy, natural, and authentic with a focus on self-actualization: Unleashing the highest potential in ourselves and others.

"Awe inspiring and very powerful. The patterns and strategies taught and demonstrated can be easily put into practice in your every day routines, your daily interactions with co-workers, friends and family. You can easily engage any stranger in the grocery store or gym and know their communication style. Very empowering."
Nancy Zapata, Controller

"My coaching has been taken to the next level and my personal development has been greatly enhanced."
Devin Burke , Health Coach & Founder of Renew Wellness Retreats

Ready to Reserve Your Space?
Are you ready to learn and practice the essential skills of Neuro-Linguistic programming to improve your personal and professional communications, relationships, your level of influence & accelerate your outcome achievement?
Self-Leadership/Accessing Personal Genius Seminar:
February 1-3, 2019 | Fort Lauderdale, FL | 10am - approx. 8:00pm

3 Day Live Training Program covering the essential skills of Neuro-Semantics, coaching, and masterful communication
Full Training manual and limited post-training support
Each skill/exercise is demonstrated, experienced, practiced and there is time for additional Q&A and supportive feedback after each skill.
A network/community of like minded individuals to support you as you develop your skills, self, and potentially even a coaching practice.
Certificate paper acknowledging your attendance in this course which counts as Module 2 toward becoming a professional Meta-Coach.

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only $900
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is this for?
This course is perfect for parents, coaches, educators, professional communicators, real estate agents, lawyers, law enforcement, leaders, entrepreneurs, sales people/teams, managers, hypnotherapists, medical professionals, and pretty much anyone interested in developing themselves personally & professionally and becoming a more effective communicator, leader, and self.
What can I do with this training?
In addition to being the first step in becoming a Certified Coach through the MCF as well as a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, this training has positive and pervasive effects in personal as well as professional development. The skills trained are a must have for anyone interested in becoming a better communicator, enhancing control over their emotions, and wanting to improve their skills at managing, leading, and coaching others. Among many other benefits, our students walk away more effective and powerful communicators who are better apt to achieve their goals and manage their own emotions as well as the states of others.
When and Where is the Training?
This program will be delivered March 1-3, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
The current Venue is the 1310 Gallery in Fort Lauderdale:

Address: 1310 SW 2nd Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

There is a 60-90 minute lunch and frequent breaks throughout the day.
Are there any Prerequisites for this Program?
While it is recommended to take NLP/Coaching Essentials first, there are no hard prerequisites for this course.
Is this Training a Certification Program?
Self-Leadership/Accessing Personal Genius is part 2 of 3 for a Professional Coaching Certification. When taken in a live format, Graduates of the Self Leadership training receive a certificate acknowledging their attendance in your choice of either Self-Leadership, Accessing Personal Genius, or Coaching Genius. All certificates of attendance are licensed through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and are signed by Senior Trainer Jason Schneider. This course is a prerequisite in order to become certified as a Coach under this ISNS.
What is the International Society of Neuro-Semantics?
The International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) is a community with thousands of members representing over 46 countries around the world. The ISNS has been growing since 1994 through inspiring people with their vision of unleashing human potentials.
Will I receive personal attention?
Currently this training is capped at a maximum of 10 participants to ensure that everyone gets as much personal attention as possible. During practice exercises Jason Schneider and/or other experienced trainees will be walking around to offer you the highest quality feedback in order to ensure that you are implementing the skills to the best of your ability and that you will be able to effectively bring them back with you into your life after the culmination of the training.  We will have quite a few experienced practitioners at this event so expect a wonderful experience!
How do I register?
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"Jason is very personable and makes everyone feel immediately comfortable which makes for very engaging groups. Great stuff!"
Alan McBreaty Founder of Alpha Sun & Sports

"Thank you for a great learning experience. This helped me realize ways to better my understanding of people and situations, most importantly being more present & aware."
Samantha Scharf

"Jason’s knowledge of the subject speaks volumes about his passion to make a significant impact in your learning experience. Don’t dare miss out on this experience."
Daryl Wilder, Dance Instructor & NLP Master Practitioner

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Friday, 08. November 2019, 1310 Gallery, Self-Leadership Certification | Coaching Genius

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