SPECTRUM ~ A Truth Inspired Sound Healing Bath, Rhythmix Cultural Works, Sunday, 17. November 2019

For the first time ever, Inner Sounds is offering a special, limited supply of combined tickets. 
November is a deep exploration of TRUTH , with two back-to-back sound baths TRANSITS (Sun 11/10) and a week later SPECTRUM (Sun 11/17), they are designed to work well together thematically but can be experienced separately.  We encourage you to come to both with a special combined discounted ticket found on the TRANSITS page. 

Our second truth sound bath of November is SPECTRUM
/ˈspektrəm/ - used to classify something in terms of its position on a scale between two extreme or opposite points. Or a range. 
There are many spectrums in our lives
Poltical Spectrum
Social Spectrum
Family Spectrum
Spectrums of light, values, feelings, introversion and extroversion, truths and fiction. 
It's a range, a gradient, continuous and changing.

Sometimes we move towards one edge of a political spectrum while our family might be on the other. 

Sometimes we've grown and changed to a different point on the spectrum, and, yet, our family continues to see us at a past point. A version that might be five years ago. or ten years ago.

Our family hasn't caught up to our new self, our new wavelength, our new truth. They are stuck in an old, frozen story, a past position point. 

How do we reconcile these different position points? 
How do we maintain our position during adverse polarities and not slide backwards, subvert or avoid?

The acoustic experience will mirror the theme with a full spectrum of sound, from soft to more intense. Melissa has also created a special guided meditation to help you bidge the gap between polarities of values and your true self vs your perceived self. 

The themes of re-prioritizing your truth and pacifism vs passisim will be further explored in TRANSITS, the previous Sunday 11/10.  We encourage attendees to try to go to both. 

Please Note:
***Appropriate for ages 18 and up. 
***Space is limited and this will sell out, please buy your tickets ahead of time! Once a ticket is purchased there are NO REFUNDS but all tickets are transferable, feel free to give to a friend if you can't make it
***Simply lie down (or sit) comfortably and receive sound, no yoga is practiced
*** There are NO PROPS at this venue *** Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie down on, 2 pillows (one for your head and one for under you knees to save your low back), an soft blanket for on top if it is chilly, and an eye covering or scarf.  



Inner Sounds is 100% ACOUSTIC using high quality, meditative instruments

Inner Sounds is focused on restoring the nervous system through a specific method discovered by Melissa when she used sound to eradicate anxiety and depression from her life.

Each sound bath has a limited amount of participants to ensure each person has adequate space, sufficient props, and a distraction free environment. 

An usher will guide you to the perfect space for you and your mat, no more scrambling or squeezing people in. 

Meditate with ease, feel a deep sense of an inner calm and become present to your inner self while being immersed in healing frequencies and washes of cleansing overtones of four planetary gongs, quartz crystal bowls, melodic chimes, ocean drums, and other healing instruments.

Imagine feeling clearer, lighter, and a sustaining calm for the remainder of your week and weekend. Most participants state they feel a dinstinct sense of calm for several days to a week or two following a sound meditation and also sleep soundly for several nights.  

Other Benefits:

Experience a deep inner calm through a quiet mind

Release muscular tension 

Explore a path of self-discovery and enhance your inuition

Metabolize and release your emotions without effort

Restore your nervous system by nourishing the rest and digest and decreaing fight or flight

Enter meditative states with ease

Feel an elevated mood through boosting of natural opiates

Deeply rest in the Delta brainwavie state and receive an equivalent to a good night’s sleep

Journey inward with coloful visuals and dreamlike states.

Feel a sense of harmony and wholeness 

My story ~ Learn more about my story here.
I used sound as therapy to erradicate a vicious cycle of anxiety and depression I experienced after my father fell severely mentall ill.  Through utilizing sound as therapy, I was able to retrain my body and mind to rest and create new space to metabolize the traumatic experience of losing my father.  

What happens at a sound meditation? Learn more here
A sound meditation "bath" is an immersive live sound performance with specially tuned high-quality instruments that can lead to deeply meditative, difficult to reach Theta brainwave states, typically reserved for students with ten years of meditation practice. During the theta brainwave state, expect to feel a spacious and calm mind, relaxed body, and an ability to enter an innerscape that can lead to heightened intuition, insight, self-discovery, emotioanl release, and a distinct sense of wholeness.

Melissa's sound meditation baths are focused on restoring the nervous system through deep relaxation.  Therefore, each sound bath has a limited amount of participants to ensure each person has adequate space, sufficient props, and a distraction free environment. 

Most participants choose to lay down down but it can be experienced seated.  No yoga is practiced.

Your attire will not impact your sound meditation experience but comfortable clothes can enhance your ability to relax.

After a short welcome and explanation of how you may feel during a sound bath, Melissa will use her restorative expertise to skillfully guide you in setting yourself up comfortably while lying down so you can have the best experience possible. 

You will then deeply relax in an immersive environment of live sound and vibration played by Melissa with specially tuned gongs, chimes, and quartz crystal singing bowls for about sixty minutes.

Then, you will be slowly guided up to a comfortable seat for a closing silent meditation. Total experience is around 90 minutes. 

​​Participants have often reported experiencing colorful visuals, emotional release, muscular tension relief, mood elevation, and a deep inner calm.  Many enter meditative states and receive transformative insight. 
Sound therapy is highly effective at providing relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, heart's disease, trauma, depression,  fertility issues, anxiety and cancer treatment therapies.
Learn more about Melissa and Inner Sounds here
Questions? Please email me melissa@innersoundsmeditation.com

Sunday, 17. November 2019, Rhythmix Cultural Works, SPECTRUM ~ A Truth Inspired Sound Healing Bath

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