24. March 2020 - 19:00

Tech Online and Virtual Programs, Online, Tuesday, 24. March 2020


Angel Launch contact:  cell +1 (310) 621 6850  office (65) 226-3490

Angel Launch, based in Silicon Valley, is a leading producer of tech venture forums connecting thousands of global startups to hundreds of accredited investors for early and advanced stage funding.  We have a database of over 100,000 past attendees, startups, investors, enterprise users, IT executives and tech companies. 

____________________________________________________We have suspended our weekly live events due to COVID-19 and expect it make take months before our government deems it safe to resume. While we realize online events will not have the same impact as **** to **** meetings; our goal is to provide information and lead generation so you can still meet leads and set up your own private meetings whether in person or online at your own discretion. We hope our customers and supporters stay healthy during this precarious time period and use proper safeguards. 

WE ARE NOW PRODUCING ONLINE PROGRAMS AND  LISTING OTHER EVENTS OFFERING FREE WEBINARS AND ONLINE PROGRAMS BELOW.  Our programs will feature live streamed speakers; pre-recorded presentations; and platforms to allow  1 on 1 follow up meetings.  We are choosing to produce online events due to our huge database of prospective attendees. We can deliver an audience for you. You provide the content; we market to our huge database for attendees. Our huge database includes all job titles for startups, investors, tech executives, marketing,  CISOs, IT Managers, marketing, finance, product managers, developers, engineers, cybersecurity, 

LEARN HOW YOU CAN OFFER FREE LUNCH DELIVERY TO WEBINAR ATTENDEESSince many of you are now working from home due to the virus, we are partnering with an platform service that provides a code where the webinar host can offer all the attendees a free meal delivered thru a service such as DoorDash, Yelp, GrubHub, Amazon or UberEatz from your favorite local restaurant.  There is no cost to the attendee; the meal and delivery service is covered by the webinar host. You use your normal hosting platform (such as Zoom or GotoMeeting) but this service provides a one stop link for a free meal. The attendee can choose their own meal and delivery time.   If you want to learn more about this service either as attendee or webinar host; register above and we will send you details.  We tried the platform for a meeting and it works great. Right before the online meeting; DoorDash showed up with a hot tasty lunch from a local restaurant. Plus eatNgage has  have data showing a huge increase in webinar registrations and attendees who use this service.  

THERE ARE  FIVE OPTIONS TO REGISTER HERE FOR OUR WEBINIRS:1. AttendeeRegister here to be on the mailing list and we will notify you when we promote the online seminars. 

2  Speaker or Presenter Apply to give a prerecorded or live talk from your office with slides.  We will promote and send you the attendee list for lead generation. 

3. Startup Presentation or DemoStartups pitch on line to investors and can follow up with personal cover letter and link to materials.

4.  Accredited InvestorsThis includes qualified accredited investors such as angel, VC or corporate investor.  You can hear startup pitches and get follow up info to set up meetings.

5. Sponsor or Host for 1 on 1 Meeting or WebinarYou will get more information on sponsorship of a program where you can speak and get entire list of registrants for lead generation. We will offer different payment options such as flat fee; or pay per lead. Sponsors might include startups, vendors, service providers (such as law firms, accounting, HR, PR), tech solution providers, and software solutions.  Here are options:  iOPTION ONE:  

PAY PER 1 ON 1 MEETINGS FOR DIFFERENT MARKETS: STARTUPS REACH INVESTORS TO PITCHTECH SOLUTION PROVIDERS REACH ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS FOR SALESWe send out emails to our huge tech and investor database for lead generation for you targeting your market. You can review data on incoming leads such as company and title. You only pay for leads that accept in advance and actually attend an online meeting with you. This is very low cost per lead ranging from $100-600 depending on the volume.  We also arrange for a meal delivered to the lead as a perk for the meeting.  Startups can use this service to reach investors.  We send out emails to investor; you only pay for leads you want to hold a meeting.  We also offer to tech solution providers looking to reach enterprise customers.

OPTION TWO: PAY PER SINGLE MEETING OR WEBINARWe promote andproduct webinar of panel disussion for you with marketing to our database. You pay a flat feefor a single meeting or webinar depending on the number of attendees. 


SEE LIST BELOW FOR MANY FREE ONLINE PROGRAMSAs a service for our community,we are listing webinars and virtual programs produced by other event hosts. You can view the list below. If you have questions, contact the specific event producer as we are not connected to each event. If you are hosting a webinar and want us to promote on this page; send us email with email with event details.  Each event is separately manage and has their own rules for accepting registrations so don ot contact us with questions.

Want to see a list of major tech trade shows cancelled or postponed? Read below.___________________________________________________


I recently tried a  "lunch 'n learn" webinar with a vendor. I've done that before, but I've never had the lunch delivered to my office as part of the hosted experience with service in all major US cities even during Covid.Contact me if you want an introduction to their company to learn how to use this service. email or 650226 3490.

The vendor offers webinar hosts the ability to provide meals for registered webinar attendees. They  partner with local restaurants with delivery services and has food delivered to your webinar registrants at a given time - preferably  in conjunction with your meeting. But there are several options that add value to the process.

The hosting company starts by specifying a budget per meal. This includes the price of the meal, delivery, tax, and tip - as well as any intermediate aggregator "middle man" costs. $25 per meal would be a typical minimum, with higher prices allowing a wider range of options for providers and meals.

They have relations with well-known national chains such as big name pizza franchises, as well as aggregator companies that manage delivery services with restaurants in different localities. Webinar participants enter their delivery address on a web page and see a list of offered meals and providers that are auto-selected based on the operational criteria for that meeting.

They also have a partnering arrangement with Zoom web conferencing, which allows for tight integration of registration and reporting, hosting companies are free to use other conferencing technologies. In a similar type of "ours or yours" flexibility, eatNgage can handle all email communications with participants or can call on your preferred email marketing platform (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc).

One particularly nice feature integration lets a meeting host offer a set of time and date choices to participants. This is great for things like sales presentations, interviews, demos, and other one-to-one meetings. You can avoid a lot of back-and-forth on trying to find a mutually convenient time to connect.

Other hosting functionality and flexibility includes a selectable option for whether participants should be allowed to share the meeting invitation with colleagues or not, and whether meals should be offered to all registrants or a subset. A hosting company can set automated criteria based on "lead qualification scoring" from registration questions or can manually review and choose which registrants should get the extra perk of a delivered meal.

If a host prefers, they  provide participants with a more traditional incentive in the form of a restaurant eCard voucher, which allows you to provide gifts for people in more difficult geographies, or for meetings outside of convenient meal times. However they dont recommend unless necessary due to Covid, since it defeats the concept of eating a meal before the webinar.  They can offer food from 1-3 hours before the meeting time.

In the pre-Covid world, If you are hosting a large live seminar, you are paying for these costs:  hotel meeting room,catering, AV, travel,parking, marketing.  This cost is much less less and a good option during Covid since you get a meal delivered to people's home. 



JOIN MAILNG LIST FOR NOTIFICATION ABOUT VIRTUAL EVENTS INCLUDING OUR EVENTSWe have identified different topics for online programs below. You can sign up here to be on the mailing list to register for free programs,  apply to speak or present; or sponsor. As a sponsor, you can give a demo presentation and receive the mailing list for lead generation.  We will test our different platforms (such  as Zoom, On24 and Google Hangouts). If you have used a platform you recommend, let us know.______________________________________________________________________________

WE INVITE SPEAKERS AND PRESENTERS TO APPLY IN THESE MARKETS: (If you have other ideas for topics, register to speak and let us know.)STARTUPS PITCH INVESTORS

Startups give deck presentation to online investor audience

Startups filed questions from audience live or by chat

Startups use presentation to arrange 1 on 1 follow up meetings


Economic Impact: Stock Market and possibility of recession

Imact on tech industry for supply

Attracting funding for startups from investors


Workplace:  Steps Employers Should take to Protect Employees and Manage Health ConcernsEmployment legal issues and workforce concernsManaging and enforcing a quarantine in the workplaceRequiring medical tests and documentationAllowing and monitoring work from home

Marketing:  How companies can use online events to generate sales and marketing leads in the absence of trade shows


Impact of Virus on Hollywood production and film industry; movie theatres; consumers.

Direct to consumer and home based entertainment


Fintech, Banking, Consumer Apps,  Enterprise, Apps, Platforms, Devices, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Entertainment, Big Data, Smart Cities, Mobile, Security


Internet of Things, Hardware, Chips, Robotics, Sensors, Devices, Core Technologies, Medical devices, Robotics


Biotech, life sciences, ag tech, medical devices, food tech, cannabis, health care services and operations



Understanding hackers motivation and strategy

Techniques for monitoring attacks and cyber threat hunting

Using Priviledged access management  and password management

Ways to improve vulnerability management 

Cyberattack and defense

Strategies and technologies to bolster active directory security

Assessing Vulnerability

Securing Privileged Credentials 

Securing Vendor and Remote Worker Access

Tracking Windows Events

Incident Response

Threat Hunting

Raising Funding for Startups


MARKETS WE COVERHere are markets we cover for consumer and enterprise apps, devices, services and platforms since investors attend from these markets.  If you don't see your market here, give us a call and so we can add 310 621 6850 email



AI and Robotics

Automotive and self driving cars

Biotech/Life Science/Medical Devices



Clean tech

Consumer electronics apps and devices



Embedded systems

Entertainment: Games, music, video, TV, streaming, direct to consumer

Enterprise apps and services

Environmental controls and Energy

Food tech

Health care, wellnses, medical devices

Home automation

Internet of Things



Media and entertainment

Military and defense

Mobile apps



Smart grid / smart cities


Virtual reality


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JUST CANCELLED:SXSW   March 14-22 Austin TexasNAB AprilIOT World AprilTIeCON  MayCollision June

Adobe Summit (Mar. 29-Apr. 2 in Las Vegas) - In-person canceled; online-only event 

Apple WWDC (June) - TBD no announcement as yet

Aruba Networks Atmosphere 2020 (Mar. 23-26) - In-person canceled; online-only event

Atlassian Summit 2020 (Mar. 31-Apr. 2 in Las Vegas) - In-person canceled; online-only event

Black Hat Asia 2020 (Mar. 31-Apr. 3 in Singapore) - Postponed until Sep. 29-Oct. 2

Cisco Live (May 31- Jun. 4 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

Cisco Live Melbourne (Mar. 3-6 in Melbourne) - Canceled

Dell World (May 4-7 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

DocuSign Momentum (Mar. 4 in San Francisco) - In-person canceled; online-only event

Domopalooza (Mar. 18-19 in Salt Lake City, UT) - In-person canceled; online-only event

EmTech Asia (Mar. 24-36 in Singapore) - Postponed to Aug. 4-5

Enterprise Connect 2020 (Mar. 30-Apr. 2 in Orlando) - Being held as scheduled

F5 Agility 2020 (Mar. 16-19 in Orlando, FL) - In-person canceled; online-only event

Facebook F8 (May 6-8 in San Jose, CA) - Canceled

Facebook Global Marketing Summit (Mar. 9-12 in San Francisco) - Canceled

Game Developers Conference (GDC) (Mar. 16-20 in San Francisco) - Postponed to Summer 2020

Gartner CIO Symposium/ITxPo (Oct. 18-22 in Orlando) - Being held as scheduled

Gartner Data and Analytics Summit (Mar. 23-26 in Grapevine, TX) - Being held as scheduled

Google Cloud Next (Apr. 6-8 in San Francisco) - In-person canceled; online-only event 

Google I/O (May 12-14 in Mountain View, CA) - Canceled

Google News Initiative Summit (Late Apr. in Sunnyvale, CA) - Canceled

HPE Discover (Jun. 23-25 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

Infor Inforum 2020 (Sep. 14-16 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

Ingram Micro Cloud Cloud Summit 2020 (May 12-14 in Miami Beach, FL) - Postponed until early 2021

IoT World Developer Conference (Apr. 6-9, 2020 in San Jose, CA) - Being held as scheduled

Kaspersky's Security Analyst Summit (April 6 - 9 in Barcelona) - Postponed until Fall 2020 

Microsoft Build (May 19-21 in Seattle) - Being held as scheduled  

Microsoft Ignite (Sep. 21-25 in New Orleans) - Being held as scheduled

Microsoft WSLConf (March 10-11 in Redmond, WA) - In-person canceled; online-only event

Microsoft MVP Global Summit (Mar. 15-20 in Bellevue & Redmond, WA) - In-person canceled; online-only event

Mobile World Congress MWC Barcelona (Feb. 24-27 in Barcelona) - Canceled

MSPWorld (Mar. 15-17 in New Orleans) - Being held as scheduled

MWC Americas (Oct. 28-30 in Los Angeles) - Being held as scheduled

NAB Show - National Association of Broadcasters (Apr. 18-22 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

Nvidia GTC - GPU Technology Conference (Mar. 22-26 in San Jose, CA) - In-person canceled; online-only event

O'Reilly Strata Data & AI Conference (Mar. 15-18, San Jose, CA) - Postponed; Merged with Strata Data & AI (Sep. 14–17)

ODSC East 2020 - Open Data Science Conference (Apr. 13-17 in Boston) - Being held as scheduled, offering virtual option.

OFC 2020 (Mar. 8-12 in San Diego, CA) - Being held as scheduled

Oktane Live - (Mar. 30-Apr. 2) Online-only event

Oracle Code One (Sep. 21-24 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

Oracle Modern Business Experience (Mar. 23-26 in Chicago) - Postponed until Sep. 21-24 to coincide with OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld (Sep. 21-24 in Las Vegas) - Being held as scheduled

Paris Blockchain Week Summit (Mar. 31-Apr. 1 in Paris) - Postponed until Dec. 9-10

Percona Live Open Source Database Conference (May 18-20 in Austin, TX) - Being held as scheduled

Qualtrics X4 Summit (Mar. 10-13 in Salt Lake City, UT) - Postponed to early Fall 2020

Recode Code Conference 2020 (May 26-28 in Beverly Hills, CA) - Being held as scheduled

RSA Conference (Feb. 24-28 in San Francisco) - Held as planned (IBM, AT&T, Verizon, and other vendors withdrew)

SaaS Connect - Cloud Software Association (Apr. 15-16 in San Francisco) - Being held as scheduled

SaaStr Annual 2020 - (Mar. 10-12 in San Jose, CA) - Being held as scheduled

Salesforce World Tour Sydney (Mar. 4 in Sydney) - In-person canceled; online-only event

SAP Ariba LIVE (Mar. 16-18 in Las Vegas) - Canceled

SAP Concur Fusion (Mar. 9-12 in Orlando) - In-person canceled; online-only event

SAP NOW (March)

SAP SAPPHIRE NOW (May 12-14 in Orlando) - Being held as scheduled

SAS Global Forum (Mar. 29-Apr. 1 in Washington, DC) - Being held as scheduled

Shopify Unite 2020 developers conference (May 6-8 in Toronto) - In-person canceled; online-only event 

SXSW (Mar. 12-22 in Austin, Texas) - Being held as scheduled (Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon Studios, IBM, and others have withdrawn)

TNW Conference (Jun, 18-19 in Amsterdam) - Postponed until Oct. 1-2

VMworld (Aug. 31-Sep. 3 in San Francisco) - Being held as scheduled


Nvidia GPU Technology Conference, San Jose, March 22-26

Y Combinator Demo Day, San Francisco March 23

Endocrine Society's ENDO 2020, San Francisco, March 28-31

Oktane20, San Francisco, March 30 to April 2

Triangulating Intelligence, Stanford University, April 1

Google Cloud Next ’20, San Francisco, April 6-8

American Educational Research Association annual meeting, San Francisco, April 17-21

Micromobility America, Richmond, April 22-23 (rescheduled for July 16-17)

Lesbians Who Tech Summit, San Francisco, April 23-25 (rescheduled for Aug. 6-8)

Red Hat Summit, San Francisco, April 27-29

Facebook F8 conference, San Jose, May 5-6

IBM Think 2020, San Francisco, May 5-7

Google I/O, Mountain View, May 12-14

Arts and culture

Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, closed until March 9

Off the Grid at Fort Mason, San Francisco, March 13 and 20 canceled

San Francisco Symphony, closed until March 20

San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center, most venues closed until March 20 including the War Memorial Opera House, Davies Symphony Hall, Herbst Theatre, The Green Room, Taube Atrium Theatre, Bryan Education Studio, and Veterans Meeting Rooms

San Francisco Ballet, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” performances through March 15 canceled

New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, closed until March 20 and premiere of “The Book of Mountains and Seas” canceled

UPW San Jose, March 12-15, postponed

Cinequest, San Jose, March 3-15, postponed until Aug. 16-30

San Jose Chamber Orchestra: March 29 concert canceled; next scheduled program is May 17.

Peninsula Symphony/Violins of Hope, San Mateo and Campbell, March 13-14 concerts postponed until a date to be announced.

Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, Redwood City and San Jose, March 8-15 events postponed until August.

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, San Jose, closed until March 10

Stanford Theatre’s Akira Kurosawa Film Festival, Palo Alto, Feb. 7 to March 15

International Ocean Film Festival, San Francisco, March 12-15

Reboot Ideas Festival, San Francisco, March 26-29 (postponed)

“No Time To Die” Worldwide, April 10 (delayed until Nov. 25)

Cantor Arts Center and Anderson Collection, Stanford University, all public tours canceled through April 15

Gucci fashion show, San Francisco, May 18

Exploratorium’s Tactile Dome, San Francisco, closed indefinitely

Hunters Point Shipyard Artists’ Shipyard Open Studios, postponed from April to the weekend of May 16 and 17

Mechanics Institute, San Francisco, private library remains open but all large events and chess tournaments for the next week have been postponed

UC Berkeley, most in-person classes suspended until March 29. Cal Performances events are not canceled, but exchanging tickets for other dates is free and refund requests are open for events through March 29.

Stanford University, winter quarter classes moved online through March 20

Palo Alto University, winter quarter classes moved online

San Jose State University, State of the University address canceled

Tuesday, 24. March 2020, Online, Tech Online and Virtual Programs

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