The Wellness Conference 2019 For Special Needs Moms

Hey there! If you are looking for the place where you sign up for The Wellness Conference…you have found it! You are in the right place. Hi! My name is Misty Weiss and I am the founder of Raising Natural Families and your host for The Wellness Conference, and this is where you can get all the deets on what’s going down Oct. 3rd through to the 5th. That’s 3 full awesome filled days of support, training, and transformation for just you moms. So take a breather, let your hair down, and get ready to rock your new inner strength, confidence, and transformation! Hang with like-minded sisters that «get you» and know firsthand that the struggle is real. Ok, so here’s the deal, Ladies. I will be showing you how as mother of two young Autistic and special needs boys, I went from collapsing in a fit of exhaustion, tears, and a whole lot of self-condemnation in some hospital’s emergency room to taking control and raising my boys without pills, depression, or overwhelm. AND… as an added bonus, I am super excited to announce a guest speaker, teacher, and natural medicine practitioner, Cseeszka Borjigin, also known as The Nomadic Medic. Cseeszka will be opening our eyes to the microscopic world of the Microbiome, Leaky Gut, and your Personal Body Chemistry Analysis.  Armed with the knowledge in these three arenas you will now be equipped to reverse-engineer and rebuild what the years of poor nutrition, toxins, and stress stole from you. You’ll finally have the clarity to unravel the path to your personal wellness journey… making you the best version of yourself and enjoying the energy to be the mom and care giver you desire to be. You’ll learn exactly what your personal body chemistry is saying and the steps to take to bring you back into the «Healing Zone». This is not a one size fits all solution. No more guessing. No more chasing the latest fads only to suffer the disappointments and failures that come with them. It’s time to look at what’s happening «upstream» for the root causes and stop the masking of your symptoms while the malady quietly continues to grow. Ladies, we are talking about dropping the «sick care» in exchange for some seriously real «health care» I invite you to come, learn, ask questions, and get answers that not only make sense, but actually work for you! This event will be your introduction in how to start improving your energy, removing brain fog, and regaining a hope for a better future. So… Are you down? Great!