This Week’s Top Story: Escaping The Pandemic Poverty Time-Money Trap!, Online, Monday, 03. February 2020

Get More Money-More Life and Time to Enjoy It?

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Whether you’re new to adulting or have a few decades of work experience under your belt, financial security is something we all long for, in one way or another.

But the grim reality is that people who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds have a much tougher time getting there than others.

Many of them are genuinely willing to do whatever it takes to improve their circumstances and escape beyond the clutches of poverty, but find it hard going.

For them, climbing out of financial hardship is like walking up an incredibly steep mountain during an avalanche. Tons of efforts went in, only to end up right back where they started – at the bottom of the mountain.

I guess that’s why it’s called the poverty time and money trap.

But if a secured financial future for you and your future generations is what you’re striving for, I’m pleased to tell you there’s a way out.

If You Escape The Time and Money Trap:

It's the universal challenge of modern living: If you have the money, you don't have the time to really enjoy it. If you have plenty of time, you're hurting for money. And most people could use a lot more of both.

Escaping the Poverty Trap for Good is when you’re putting out one financial fire after another and never seem to catch a break. That makes it hard to focus on building and following through on a longer-term financial plan to break out of the perpetual cycle of poverty.

Here are Three Ways to Escape the Time and Money Trap.

1. Duplication

2. Leverage

3. Residual Income

With this program you'll get a powerful, simple-proven-legal, opportunity, plan and system that will empower you to escape it forever.

We’ll show you how to simply and easily build wealth on any income without sacrificing time, by internalizing and applying three principles known as "Duplication, Leverage and Residual Income."

Discover the only four things you need to know about escaping the time and money trap. - four things most people never figure out how to do - as well as tried-and-true tricks for maximizing your money, your income and the simple choices that will bring you true financial freedom.

Get the insight, motivation, and tools you need to get out of the time/money trap and into the winner's circle, where you'll have all the wealth, prosperity and abundance you want and need, and the time to really enjoy it.

Everyone who sets out on his or her own feels the mistakes of taking the “road less traveled.” Even though that road is taking you toward your dreams, it can feel long and bumpy en route, as many of those who have succeeded will tell you.

That’s why this 15 minute session was created. It was created for anyone who wants More Time-More Money-More Life by Escaping the Time and Money Trap.

In this insightful coaching session, we will challenge you to change the way you view yourself, your career, and your life — to make powerful mental shifts that will change your thinking from someone who depends on a regular paycheck to someone who lives and thrives off successful business ownership.

You'll get concrete tips, practical examples, a proven opportunity-system, and sound advice for making it as a successful independent business owner.

To succeed it is essential that you adopt a self-reliant mindset and take charge of your time, money and life. We will show you, step by step, how to achieve your dreams.

If you are a US resident, schedule a quick 15-minute call with me to determine if this is the right step for you. Beating the Time/Money Trap offers a new way of looking at both time and money that is much more attuned to reality


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Internationally Recognized Business Coach, Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Author, and Keynote Speaker

What people are saying:

"After years in the corporate world, I took the leap and started my own business to escape the time and money trap. I finally wake up liking what I do." — Mike

"I used to put in 70 hours a week as a VP. Now I never miss my kid’s soccer game or a date night with my wife because I escaped the time and money trap

"Job security in the corporate world isn’t what it used to be. I am escaping the time and money trap building my long-term wealth through a side business – which gives me tremendous peace of mind."— Julie

Monday, 03. February 2020, Online, This Week’s Top Story: Escaping The Pandemic Poverty Time-Money Trap!

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